About this blog

This blog is my exercise in returning to the public eye after more than a year of abandoning social networks and professional writing motivated by my full-time dedication to the rapid and solid growth of my company. Through this simple platform I hope to be able to reorganize my content published in the past and create new ones. Even though I’ve been back in the US for over 7 years, English as a second language is still an issue for me, as much of my work doesn’t require much effort in conversation – and working with a team that speaks Portuguese doesn’t help much. So I hope I can practice my writing here too.


About Nix

TV screenwriter, writer, comedy writing teacher, blues harmonica player, website developer, podcast producer, ad man… Alexandre Nix today dedicates most of his time as Operation Manager at Uncool Artist, a company he co-founded and, and recently, at Uncool Gallery, in Brooklyn, NY.


From the valleys of San Fernando to the sandy beaches of Copacabana, Nix was born in Los Angeles and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he lived most of his life before coming back and settling in New York City.

As a musician, he played in the most prominent Brazilian cities, London, Paris, and New Orleans, where he lived from 2004-2005.

As an ad man, Nix worked for the first Brazilian internet ad/marketing company in 2007. By 2009, while living at the top of a mountain in Campos do Jordão and working online (before it was cool), he was invited to be a founding partner of a new firm in São Paulo. That didn’t pan out, and he decided to write for TV, hoping it would be a more morally acceptable way to get paid to create hyperboles and fantasies.

While creating and producing new and unique comedy-focus podcast formats and helping her partner, Carolina Paz, at Ateliê 2e1 (studios and education center for visual arts in São Paulo), Nix started to work for Brazilian TV production companies. He wrote scripts for CQC, Entubados, Fábrica de Casamentos, Batalha dos Cozinheiros and many reality and live TV shows because the pay was better. He also localized and wrote the premiere season of Dancing With The Stars in Brazil (Dancing Brasil) for BBC before moving back to the U.S. in 2017.

In Brooklyn, Nix kept writing for the Brazilian TV market and small jobs for a few international clients (from Google to pan manufacturers in France). During the pandemic lockdown, he started a successful set of online courses on writing comedy for TV while developing podcast formats for Spotify. After that, he kept writing cooking shows, helping production companies in Brazil to develop TV show pilots, and working with at Uncool Artist developing its online social network platform, websites while managing the artist residency program and the Uncool Gallery.

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