The Only Writing Advice You’ll Ever Need

  • Writing and editing are two separate and different processes;
  • Writing and editing are two distinct processes;
  • Write first, edit later;
  • Only highlight or underline if this works for you. Don’t get distracted pretending to be an editor;
  • Write every day;
  • Write what you would like to read, not what others would like;
  • Create a ritual;
  • Keep this ritual;
  • When you’re not writing, read;
  • Read a lot;
  • Read everything: comics, newspapers, novels, magazines, scripts, poetry, posters, tattoos, mustard packaging. All;
  • Read what you write out loud;
  • Read what others write aloud;
  • Don’t read to try to understand. This is about writing;
  • Read so you can write. Understand the context, tone and rhythm;
  • Listen to people talking. Pay attention to how they construct their sentences differently from you;
  • Don’t listen to try to understand. This is about writing;
  • Understand the context, tone and rhythm;
  • Write with different tools: keyboard, pencil, pen, crayon, dirt, whatever;
  • Write on different media: graph paper, lined paper, unlined, blackboard, palmtop, canvas, dirt, whatever;
  • Write in different places, but keep a place to write at home;
  • Writer’s block doesn’t exist. Are you stuck? Continue writing anything after the line you left off… just write and don’t think about anything else.
  • Tell everyone you write to: your family, friends, the postman, the prostitutes, everyone;
  • But don’t tell anyone exactly what you’re writing;
  • Mercilessly destroy any “maybe” about writing;
  • Put aside that list, and any advice, book, or text about writing you’ve ever been offered;
  • Write every day.

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